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Michele Bachmann Endorsement

I am happy to endorse Mark Thompson for Iowa House District 56. Mark is a Marine who has served our country on dangerous missions in more than 60 countries. He earned the position as a the top counterterrorism officer in the U.S. Department of State. Mark was on duty when the Benghazi tragedy developed.


I sat behind him and listened to his testimony before Congress as he spoke of America’s anemic response to the terrorist attack. Mark’s honesty and frankness impressed those of us who care about truth but his career was cut short by those who cancel truth tellers.


Mark understands the battle now goes to the states. He has chosen his ground on which to fight for all of us. He will fight for the unborn, the rights of parents, our second amendment rights, election integrity, the Rule of Immigration Law, and he will take on the awful reality of human trafficking. Mark is a noble patriot, a rare find in today’s world. Please support and vote for Mark on June 7th.


Michele Bachmann

U.S. Presidential Candidate

U.S. Congress 2007-2013

Americans for Prosperity

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