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Life begins at conception.  As adoptive parents, we have been blessed by two very courageous women who made the choice to give birth and provide us the joy of being parents.  Our daughters learned at a very early age that not only did we love them, but their birth mothers loved them so much they chose to give them life.


The 2nd Amendment was designed for citizens to defend themselves, no matter the adversary.  Strict gun laws are already on the books, and in places like Chicago such laws have illustrated the fallacy of their passage.  Each citizen must have the right and opportunity to defend themselves, particularly in light of efforts to de-fund law enforcement.


Corporate or foreign ownership of farms compete with the foundation of our farm eonomy over multiple generations.  It's not old fashion to have families producing the vital products that end up in our grocery stores.  Bigger is not always better.


Health care is vital for our Iowans.  Doctors must have the freedom to make their own professional decisions unfettered by government mandates or government funding.  While many of our hospitals have excellent and high standards in physical health care, Iowa ranks in the bottom 10% of all states when it comes to mental health facilities.  Mental health is part and parcel with physical health.  Mental health has a significant impact on local law enforcement.  Our police and sheriffs are often tasked with incarcerating people who are mentally ill and deserve treatment, not jail.  We can and we must do better to care for Iowans.


Parents are their children's first teachers.  Elected school boards are designed to represent the interests of their community.  They are the connective tissue between teacher and parents.  This local involvement and leadership have proven to be effective for generations.  As a substitute teacher I see the complex and stressful situations our teachers face. 



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